Friday, 11 August 2017

(GEGNZ) Student Summit Reflection

At the GEGNZ Also known as (Google Educator Group New Zealand) hosted By Ormiston Junior College. First we had to go in the theatre for a presentation about the sea after all of that was finished we got to go and have fun spending time with my friends, also going around and watching, learning new things about coding and other sorts of things in New Zealand. I got to see how other people reacted on how they presented and we got to go and see robots and new codes that we did not no how to use. 

We also go to present our work there were two types of groups The Scratch Team and The Penn Group we presented at different time so we were last what we had to present to our group of people what we got to teach them was about scratch and how it would help them. they also got to make there own game after we had presented we got to go in to the theatre were there where prizes given out to kids there were three kids that got to them from our school they were, Mitchell, Yvonne, and Simon. So after we had finished with the prizes we had to go back to school and relax.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

maths tenths hundreds

Walt. Understand tenths hundredths
Today we have to do tenths and hudredths we were learning to write decimals as words and also to find thier partners as fractions.

Extension- Reflection

Today I have created a game with my buddy about space we were given a task to make a game about space. Our game was based on planets so the planets that we picked was Mars, Earth and the Moon we had characters which we created. 

Our problems were our code for how to move a character which kept on bugging out so we had a little help with the problem which was Zoe she was from a place OMG tech.

Our solution was to look over the parts that was good and to look back at our old games to give us and idea 

Scratch Game Play

Monday, 26 June 2017

Introduction ( Persuasive Writing )

Walt  Discuss and justify my responses to a small range of texts
 Today were are learning to intorduce our writng by using a ? to start of our writing and also to pul in our reader into our writing.